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Back-to-Back Buck-Boost Converter

Through the proper configuration of two OZIP-DC/DC Intelligent Power Modules, it is possible to transfer energy between two DC power sources with overlapping voltage ranges.  In this configuration the DC-DC Converters are connected “back-to-back” such that they share a common, intermediary rail voltage.  The following figure illustrates a “Back-to-Back” Buck-Boost DC/DC converter.

The Boost converter is configured to operate in voltage control mode and is responsible for regulating the intermediary voltage.  The Buck converter can be configured to either regulate the output voltage or the output current, depending on the application requirements. In this example the input voltage can vary between 280 and 400VDC while the Boost converter maintains the intermediary voltage at 800VDC.  The Buck converter regulates the output voltage (280 to 750VDC) or output current as desired.  Note that the converters are bi-directional, i.e. they can sink or source current between the input and output.

Oztek’s OZIP-DC105A product family of bi-directional, DC/DC Converter solutions, built upon Oztek’s OZIP-R1230E Intelligent Power Module, are easily configured for back-to-back operation.  These compact, open frame converters include power circuitry, controls, magnetics, switchgear, and a variety of cooling and communication options.  The OZIP-DC105A is a cost-effective production solution that gets you to market quickly, minimizing development cost, risk, and schedule.