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Grid Energy Storage for Emergency Preparedness

The drive toward clean energy is forcing utilities around the world to augment their grids with renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. However, effectively and efficiently utilizing energy generated by renewable sources means complementing the traditional grid with energy storage systems because solar cannot provide energy at night and wind turbines don’t generate […]

Knowing Your Grid Forming Inverter

In remote locations where the traditional utility power grid is inaccessible, standalone microgrids, powered by renewable energies like solar and wind turbines, are playing a crucial role in generating electricity for the local community. In addition to generating power to meet the electricity needs of islands and remote communities across the world, microgrids also see […]

How Businesses Can Use 3D Printing

3D printing is a form of technology that is taking the world by storm. Although the concept has been around since the 1980’s, it’s only in the past few years that it’s become a legitimate means of manufacturing and prototyping. In fact, major companies like Ford, General Electric and Mattel have already implemented this technology. As […]

Grid Energy Storage Is a Growth Industry to Watch

The market for grid energy storage is robust and growing. According to a study published by GTM Research, the U.S. market for utility-scale grid storage is expected to rise from an annual value of about a quarter of a billion dollars in 2009 to about $2.5 billion by 2015. The potential exists for continued rapid growth […]

Wind Power Projection Dependent on Improved Energy Storage Technology

Long believed by many to be one of the “purer” sources of alternative energy, and wind power projection has noted the rapid growth in the industry during recent years.  The World Wind Energy Association calculates that electricity from wind accounted for 2.5% of worldwide consumption in 2010 at 430 TWh, and that this output doubled […]