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Hurling Pumpkins at the World Championship Punkin Chunkin

Oztek recently sponsored the Launch-Ness Monster at the World Championship Punkin Chunkin in Bridgeville, Delaware. Launch-Ness is captained by Jay Goodell, a Design Engineer at Oztek. I myself helped build the Monster.

Punkin Chunkin is a compeition where the goal is to throw a pumpkin further than everyone else. Launch-Ness monster competed in the trebuchet division, finishing 7th with throws of 1097.0 and 1265.86. The video above is of the third shot, which was disqualified due to machine malfunction. The sling that holds the pumpkin seperated from the machine, flying forward into the field.

Launch-Ness Monster will be featured on TV in the Science Channel’s Punkin Chunkin Special. The special will air Thanksgiving Night (November 25th), at 8 PM.

Over on the Launch-Ness Monster blog, Jay is already laying out plans for improving the machine for the 2011 “Chunk”. Check out the blog to see what our Engineers do in their free time!