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Oztek Corp Receives Certification for Its Power Conversion System to Support Microgrids

March 11, 2021


OZpcs-RS40 system can be deployed in local self-sufficient energy systems such as hospitals and colleges

Oztek Corp has received its UL certification (UL1741-SA) enabling the company to now offer its OZpcs-RS40 40kW Rack ScaleTM power conversion system (PCS) to support microgrids. As the most compact 40kW energy storage power conversion system on the market, the system has been recertified to UL-1741 SA and IEEE-1547 standards to include grid forming operation in addition to its grid-following certification. OZpcs-RS40 is the ideal power conversion solution for behind the meter, commercial and industry (C&I) energy storage applications.

Because they are designed to run independently of wider electricity grids, microgrids are self-sustaining energy systems that serve a specific geographic footprint. They have become more common on college campuses, hospital complexes, business centers and neighborhoods to provide critical back-up power solutions when situations arise that cause a grid to fail or become intermittent, such as natural disasters or peak usage periods that cause brown outs.

The ability to operate in both grid-forming as well as grid-following modes provides greater customer value than traditional grid-tie only inverters. When the grid fails, OZpcs-RS40 seamlessly reconfigures itself for grid forming mode, automatically providing backup power to critical loads. This capability provides the customer a more robust, resilient and secure energy solution. The OZpcs-RS40 includes advanced control features to seamlessly transfer between the two operating modes when used in conjunction with a utility interconnection relay to disconnect from a failed grid. Multiple OZpcs-RS40s can be operated in parallel, providing a scalable, robust solution.

“Adding grid-forming capability to the OZpcs-RS40 is a game-changer,” said Oztek Corp CTO Dave Zendzian. “Having the ability to operate in both grid-following and grid-forming modes, as well as seamlessly transition between them, opens new doors for the product. In addition to conventional grid-tie applications, the OZpcs-RS40 can now be used in stand-alone, micro-grid and other energy storage applications that require resiliency.”

The February 2021 deep freeze in Texas and the grid failures that exacerbated conditions for millions of people highlighted the need for effective, off-grid emergency systems. Microgrids offer up more environmentally friendly solutions for entities such as hospitals that must have effective back-up system in place from a public health and safety standpoint. Oztek will 11 Continental Blvd. Merrimack NH 03054 (603) showcase this product at Solar Power International in New Orleans and The Battery Show in Novi, MI. this fall.

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