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Oztek Expands SCR Control Product Offering


Oztek Corp. a leader in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced inverter, DC/DC, and motor drive controls, introduces the OZSCR1100, a state of the art, digitally controlled, SCR control and firing board. The OZSCR11000 is a complementary product to Oztek’s standard OZSCR1000 controller, offering two functional differences; DC input bias power and low voltage AC line sensing. The OZSCR1100 operates off of 18V-32VDC input as opposed to universal AC voltage, and, in addition to the conventional SCR cathode line sense, provides three additional low voltage AC line synchronization inputs for systems where the AC mains voltage may not be present at the SCR cathodes during certain operating scenarios

Like the OZSCR1000, the OZSCR1100 solves numerous SCR control and power system challenges, allowing fast and economical OEM product development. Systems operating from AC mains voltages up to 1000VAC are supported using the integrated, transformer isolated, “picket fence” firing circuitry. Dedicated high voltage and current measurement interfaces are provided to support closed loop digital control of both current and voltage. A digital PLL synchronizes to the AC line voltage and can quickly report and respond to abnormal line conditions while intelligent fault handling minimizes down time and protects the system from damage. For complex systems requiring control of more than six SCRs multiple OZSCR1100 boards can easily be combined using the expansion interface.

“The OZSCR1100 expands upon our initial SCR control offering, addressing additional application requirements and demonstrating our commitment to the technology” said Dave Zendzian, Oztek CTO “Like the OZSCR1000, the OZSCR1100 is completely configurable using our SCC Tool, a Microsoft Windows graphical user interface (GUI), that provides a simple means to configure the products during installation, setup, operation, and trouble shooting.” Configuration, operating parameters, and pre-designed control algorithms can quickly be selected and configured using the PC based tool. With the ability to configure every system parameter, implementation possibilities are endless.

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