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Oztek Introduces Grid Tie Inverter Controller Targeted at OEMs


Oztek Corp. a leader in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced inverter, DC/DC, and motor drive controls, today announced the release of the OZGTI3000 Grid Tie Inverter and Active Front End Controller.

The OZGTI3000 is a complete control solution for three phase, grid tie inverter (GTI) and active front end (AFE) applications. By relying on the proven OZGTI3000 for the complex, power control functions, OEMs are able to focus on their product design and feature differentiation, thereby reducing their risk and time to market.

The OZGTI3000 provides unity power factor as well as low harmonic distortion, meeting IEEE519 performance recommendations. The application is completely user configurable via a CAN or RS-485 interface. Configurable parameters include pulse-width-modulation switching rate, control loop compensation parameters, filter characteristics, system scaling parameters, and much more.

To ease configuration the OZGTI3000 is provided with the Power Control Center (PCC) Tool. The PCC is a Microsoft Windows graphical user interface (GUI), intended to provide a simple means to configure and operate the controller during installation, setup, operation, and trouble shooting.

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