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Oztek Presents at the 2019 Long Island IEEE Power Electronics Symposium November 7th


Innovative Active Neutral Point Clamped architecture gains traction in energy storage market USA, MERRIMACK, NH, November 2018 — Oztek Corp, a global power conversion solution provider, presented the technology behind their OZpcs-RS40, 40kW Rack Scale™ power conversion system (PCS) at the 2019 Long Island IEEE Power Electronics Symposium on November 7th. The OZpcs-RS40 is a compact, transformerless power converter that interfaces between 50/60Hz utility grids and batteries for commercial/industrial energy storage systems. At the symposium, Oztek explained the challenges and tradeoffs behind the selection of the active neutral point clamped topology, which enables efficient interface between 330 to 820V batteries and 208 to 480VAC utility grids.

With the growth and adoption of renewable energy technologies the power conversion system (PCS) and power conversion product markets are growing rapidly. Cost and quality are very important factors when choosing the proper power conversion provider. “The A-NPC multi level architecture allows Oztek to take full advantage of the silicon modules used in power electronic converter designs resulting in optimized lower cost designs,” said Greg Tremelling, Vice President of Business Development at Oztek Corporation.

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