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Oztek Secures $3M Order for Traction Drive Inverter


Oztek Corp. a leader in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced inverter, DC/DC, and motor drive controls, announced that it has received a $3 million, 150 unit order for Twin Drive units to be deployed in the ECOSaver IV hybrid electric buses manufactured by DesignLine International.

Oztek’s designed & manufactured Twin Drive Unit is comprised of a Traction Drive and a Brake Chopper. The Traction Drive inverter is responsible for converting DC power from the batteries to AC power for the main drive motors, which directly drive the wheels without a transmission or gearbox. The inverter is bi-directional, being able to provide power as well as absorb power during regeneration. The Brake Chopper is used to dissipate any excessive power that batteries are unable to absorb into an external brake resistor. The Brake Chopper can also regulate current to provide heat for the passenger compartment.

The Twin Drive Unit contains dual Traction Drive and the Brake Chopper assemblies within a single enclosure. This approach provides redundancy, allowing the bus the ability to still operate with reduced performance on a single unit (a limp home feature).

Since 1997 Oztek has been providing innovative power control solutions for use in Hybrid Vehicles and Traction Drives. Oztek continues to develop and build technologically advanced controls for demanding applications that also include, Fuel Cells, Utility Grid Tie, and Distributed Energy. Oztek’s unique advantage of resident multi-disciplinary expertise enables them to develop unprecedented solutions to demanding engineering projects such as DesignLine’s ECOSaver IV.

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