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Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging at CES 2011

This week Las Vegas is hosting the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show, a trade show where hundreds of consumer oriented companies annouce their new products. While I’m not there, I am paying close attention to all of the news coverage.

One interesting product that has popped up is from Fulton Innovation’s eCoupled product line. Their demo in Las Vegas includes wirelessly charging a Tesla Roadster. I believe that wireless charging of Electric Vehicles will greatly increase their adoption in the US. If I can pull into my garage every day, and let the car charge on its own, I’d be much more likely to make the switch to Electric Vehicles. Nothing to plug in – just park and walk away.

Electric vehicles require power conversion systems for charging the batteries and converting stored energy in the battery to drive the motor. Oztek DC/DC products and Active Front Ends have been used for battery charging systems. While our Motor Drive units have been used for a range of Electric Vehicle applications.

In my eyes, battery charging is the biggest block in wide spread adoption of Electric Vehicles. With a conventional automobile, consumers are accostemed to a 5 minute fill up at the gas station. Ecoupled envisions charging “stations” as just a parking space. No need for dedicated charging operations. No more stopping to “fill up”.

[Read the eCoupled Press Release Here. ]

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