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Mission and History

Oztek's mission: Accelerate adoption of renewable energy by making it more practical and reliable.
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Oztek has provided solid, scalable and supportive solutions to original equipment manufacturers for over 25 years.

But, our origin can be traced back even further to when cofounders John O’Connor and Dave Zendzian were managing applications engineering groups that defined and supported new controller products at Unitrode Integrated Circuits, now part of Texas Instruments. While developing solutions to address ever-increasing controls complexity, Dave and John realized that rapidly developing microcontroller capabilities were about to begin shifting traditionally analog-controlled systems into the digital world.

While few engineers then possessed the broad expertise range needed, they recognized that their complementary skill sets and experience in emerging technologies enabled them to develop high-performance digitally controlled power systems that would greatly exceed the performance, flexibility and robustness of existing approaches. It was during the summer of 1996 that Dave and John, while out on a hike up Mount Lafayette, decided that together they had the knowledge and expertise necessary to venture out on their own and form what would become Oztek.

For the time, their blend of expertise in analog, power, and digital controls was highly unique and presented an opportunity to develop new, intelligent products for a rapidly advancing market. With an initial focus on the design of high-end motor drives and related instrumentation systems, John and Dave soon expanded to the design of large-scale power inverters and thus laid the foundation for the advanced power conversion technology that Oztek is known for today. After decades of working with a global OEM client base whose unique operational environments demanded long-term reliability, durability and superior performance over the course of an extended product lifespan, John and Dave developed a design approach that put high performance and unparalleled dependability at the center of all product development.

Today, this legacy is what enables Oztek to develop some of the most advanced power conversion systems and intelligent power conversion modules for energy storage and renewable energy markets. Backed by U.S. design and manufacturing teams committed to ensuring customer success, Oztek has been enabling C&I integrators and OEMs with faster, easier integration through compact, modular and intelligent products for over 25 years.

Solid. Scalable. Supportive.

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