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The Oztek Difference

Since 1997, Oztek has been providing power system OEMs and other companies with solid, scalable and supportive solutions.
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Power conversion designed, engineered and assembled in the USA since 1997.

US designed electronics is highly respected throughout the world. While as a country, we no longer produce low cost consumer goods, we still produce among the best products for demanding commercial and industrial applications. Since inception, Oztek has focused on providing solid solutions for challenging power conversion requirements. For many years, we specialized in custom solutions for OEMs, that above all, valued performance, ruggedness and reliability.

Through close work with our customers, our engineering and manufacturing teams have refined how to develop and produce power conversion products that satisfy demanding needs and help ensure our customer’s success. We’ve taken this approach and experience to our standard products offering, and are committed to solid solutions that ensure your success.

Oztek design engineers:

115 years, 13 patents

Our four most senior design engineers have a combined experience of more than 115 years with 13 power conversion patents. Our design team includes experts in digitally controlled power conversion, high power circuitry and devices, advanced topologies employing multi-level, interleaving and resonant transition power conversion, high-performance thermal design and system packaging, and precision analog and sense circuitry.

We’ve been developing digitally controlled power converters since company inception, which goes back when DSP and microcontroller limitations required embedded code to be written using assembly language. Our team has developed extremely high-performance power converters for applications ranging from high-end ASIC testing, to ruggedized, long-life inverters that are used on locomotives and mining trucks, and grid-connected and grid-forming power conversion systems used in a variety of renewable and distributed energy applications.


Focused on design, product, and service excellence

Oztek’s founders, John O’Connor and Dave Zendzian, started their careers as design and application engineers before starting Oztek. They lead the company with a strong focus on design, product, and service excellence, and take pride in only producing high quality products that they themselves would want to use.


25+ years producing electronic equipment.

Our highly skilled manufacturing team has been producing long-life, high-quality products for 25+ years. Strong proponents of highly-controlled processes and precise documentation, our team utilizes work cells optimized for efficient power converter production, with precision ensured by having all work instructions and drawings supplied by our PLM system.

24-hour response


Our product documentation is among the best in the industry, but should you have questions, our team is ready to respond quickly. Our goal is 24-hour response, but same day response is the norm. All of our support and engineering staff work out of our Merrimack, New Hampshire facility, enabling us to answer even your most challenging questions quickly.


Modular system construction and field expandability fit for today – and tomorrow.

Modular, rackable, stackable

Our power conversion systems are designed to permit simultaneous parallel connection of AC and DC terminals, allowing you an unlimited number of units to function as a single, higher-power unit, providing system flexibility and field expandability.

High-density architecture

Enabled by an advanced power conversion topology and a high-performance cooling system produces a PCS with a small rackmount footprint. Class-leading form factor and weight eases your design-in and permits installation/removal without special equipment.

Four-wire transformerless design

Supports grid-connected and microgrid operation with unbalanced loads without a transformer. Our “zero common-mode topology” results in negligible AC voltage between grid and battery terminals, eliminating interface and system EMI problems you may have encountered with simpler PCS topologies.

Seamless transfer

Facilitates your systems that require both grid-connected and in a microgrid operation. Seamless transfer ensures always available power by rapidly switching between grid-connected and grid-forming operating modes.


An engineering support team dedicated to getting you up and running quickly.

Customer service is not simply a department, it is a philosophy that extends throughout our entire organization. From our roots in high-end, OEM systems, we recognize that a great product without proper application seldom results in a good solution for the customer.

How we build the product

It starts with the engineering of the product and how we design and implement the features to make them simple and easy for you to integrate and set up. Our commitment to you is the complete solution to your problem, not just the piece of equipment that’s in the box we ship you.

Clear product documentation

Next, we write our product documentation so that you can read and understand it, and we include enough depth to allow you to fully utilize our product’s features and make the most of them in your system.

Helpful engineering support during design-in

Finally, we recognize that the products and systems our customers use our PCSs in are sophisticated and often have complexities that go beyond what we cover in our product documentation. If you have a technical question or just want an expert opinion on a system design concept you are exploring, our engineering team is here to help. Our sales and customer service people will connect you quickly to an appropriate engineer who is well versed in system architecture and best use of our power converters, and will help you achieve your design objectives.

At Oztek, quality is a mindset.