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40kVA Power Conversion System


Wall-mount and outdoor-rated, the transformerless OZPCS-EP40 power conversion system is a fully parallelable, 40kW solution for energy storage systems.

Offering wide 208-480 VAC and 330-820 VDC operating ranges, grid-connected and grid-forming operating modes, advanced “smart inverter” features, and design and certification for energy storage applications, system design doesn’t get any easier.


  • Supports grid-tie and grid-forming applications
  • Easy paralleling allows for quick product scaling
  • NEMA 3X outdoor-rated wall-mount design
  • Wide AC voltage range
  • 50/60Hz
  • UL1741-SB smart inverter functions
  • 3- and 4-wire transformerless grid interface
  • Integrated data logging
  • Industry-standard interface
  • SunSpec certified
  • Modbus RS-485
Power StudioTM

Power Studio is a Windows-based GUI that can be used to easily configure and control the OZIP motor drive. 


DC Connection

Operating Voltage Range

330-820 VDC

Full Power Voltage Range

550-820 VDC

Max DC Current

+/- 75A

Max DC Power


Wiring Configuration

2 wire

AC Connection

Max AC Power

40kVA @ 480Vrms

Max AC Current


AC Line Voltage


AC Line Frequency


Supported Grid Connections

3- and 4-wire, grounded neutral

Power Factor

-1 to +1

Current Harmonics

IEEE 1547 Compliant, <3%THD

Typical Efficiency



Operating Temperature

-20°C to 40°C (rated), 60°C (max)


Forced air by internal variable speed fans

Max Elevation

1,000m No Derating 1,000m - 3,000m Derated


800 x 550 x 165mm wall mount


49kg / 110Lbs

Ingress Protection


User Interface

Isolated Communication Link

Modbus RS-485

Register Mapping

SunSpec PCS

Isolated Digital Inputs

Emergency Shutoff | Bias Enable

Isolated Digital Outputs

User Configurable 1 | User Configurable 2

Indicator LEDs

Faul | Operating | Standby | Power On


5 years standard | 5 year warranty extension available

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Firmware: Power Studio

Power StudioTM is a Windows-based GUI that can be used to easily configure and control the OZIP Motor Drive. The tool communicates with the inverter over the CAN or RS-485 serial port and provides a simple, intuitive user interface. Features include:

  • Simple tabbed interface
  • Dashboard
  • Configuration
  • Instrumentation
  • Dashboard for control and monitoring
  • Inverter configuration
  • Edit configurations
  • Download/upload configurations
  • Archive multiple configuration files
  • Firmware update utility