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Thermal management: the life of your power conversion system depends on it

There is no doubt that the operating environment has a major effect on the life and reliability of electronic assemblies.  Power electronics in particular are perhaps most susceptible to life and reliability degradation, as there are usually several components within the system whose losses all conspire to raise the operating temperature.  Losses include switching and […]

Power electronics: evaluating off-the-shelf power conversion components

Power conversion systems can be challenging to design and build if power electronics are not a core area of expertise for your company. Before you commit to a less-than-ideal, off-the-shelf (OTS) power conversion component or launch into a costly custom power electronics design project, it would be helpful to learn how to effectively evaluate OTS […]

Stand Alone Voltage Mode Inverters

As previously discussed, most modern sine wave inverters employ a voltage source topology and are referred to as voltage source inverters (VSI). Depending on the type of feedback and control scheme that is employed, the VSI topology can be used to implement inverter solutions for a wide variety of applications, including motor drives, grid-tie, and […]