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A Second Generation Digital SCR Controller

The OZSCR-2000 is our latest SCR Firing and Control board offering, built upon the successful OZSCR-1000 digital control platform. This second-generation controller uses a Texas Instruments Piccolo processor and provides all the original digital control features, including:

  • Jitter free, Digital Phase Locked Loop (PLL)
  • Digital Control Laws for Closed-Loop Applications
  • 100% Software Configurable

One of the new features offered by the OZSCR-2000 is configurable AC mains voltage sensing; either directly from the SCR cathode connections or by using low voltage inputs that have been stepped down elsewhere in the user’s system. The direct cathode sense signal conditioning circuitry incorporates a programmable gain amplifier to optimize signal attenuation for the application.  The AC line sense configuration is completely configurable through software registers, allowing easy product configuration for use in a wide variety of applications.

In addition to more processing power and additional configuration options, we’ve also upgraded the configuration tool.  The SCC configuration tool has been replaced by Power StudioTM, a Windows graphical user interface (GUI) that not only provides fast & simple product configuration, but control and instrumentation features as well.

Power StudioTM provides you complete control of your SCR-based converter. The Dashboard tab includes command buttons as well as a display of critical parameters, faults, and warnings.  Using the Dashboard, you can turn the converter on and off, change setpoints, and tune your control loops.  The Instrumentation tab provides exhaustive monitoring of all instrumentation registers.

Power StudioTM is available for free as a Tier 2 download on the Product Technical Documentation page.  To make it easy to get started using the OZSCR-2000, we offer an Evaluation Kit (111362-01) which includes all of the necessary interface cables as well as an RS-485 USB adapter.  For those of you who would rather build your own cables, the 11360-01 connector kit includes the mating connector and terminals for each interface.

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