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Frequency/Watt Smart Inverter Functionality

In a previous post, I discussed how the Volt/VAR function can be used to provide grid voltage stabilization during over and under-voltage conditions. In addition to stabilizing out of tolerance voltage conditions, over and under-frequency grid conditions can also be mitigated using Frequency/Watt functionality. In a manner similar to Volt/VAR, the Frequency/Watt function will automatically […]

A Second Generation Digital SCR Controller

The OZSCR-2000 is our latest SCR Firing and Control board offering, built upon the successful OZSCR-1000 digital control platform. This second-generation controller uses a Texas Instruments Piccolo processor and provides all the original digital control features, including: Jitter free, Digital Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Digital Control Laws for Closed-Loop Applications 100% Software Configurable One of the […]

Selecting the Right Motor Drive Platform for Variable Speed Drive Systems

As commercial and industrial machinery has become more powerful and energy-efficient, the use of variable speed drives (VSD) has become more popular for a wide range of applications. You’ll now find VSD systems in everything from heavy industrial equipment to high-speed commercial systems such as conveyors, fans, pumps, and blowers. What many OEMs like about […]

What is Smart Grid Technology?

Demand for electricity is expected to continue growing at historical rates for the foreseeable future. While utility companies strive to meet that demand by financing and constructing new power-generating plants, fueled by coal, atomic energy, wind, sunlight, and water, they’re also scrambling to create a “smart grid.” The essence of the smart grid technology is […]

Wind Power Projection Dependent on Improved Energy Storage Technology

Long believed by many to be one of the “purer” sources of alternative energy, and wind power projection has noted the rapid growth in the industry during recent years.  The World Wind Energy Association calculates that electricity from wind accounted for 2.5% of worldwide consumption in 2010 at 430 TWh, and that this output doubled […]

Alternative Energy Distribution Methods

The term alternative energy generally describes renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric energy accounts for the majority of U.S. renewable energy, at 70 percent, though the use of solar, wind and other renewable energy is continuing to grow. Methods of alternative energy distribution vary, and here I’ll provide a brief description […]

SCR Control Goes Digital

SCR Control circuits and products have been around for decades. An industry-standard SCR controller typically consists of an SCR firing circuit, a phase-locked loop (PLL) or line synchronization circuit, and a means of controlling the firing angle of the SCR device, typically a 0-5V or 4-20mA analog input. While there are currently several industry-standard SCR […]