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Frequency/Watt Smart Inverter Functionality

In a previous post, I discussed how the Volt/VAR function can be used to provide grid voltage stabilization during over and under-voltage conditions. In addition to stabilizing out of tolerance voltage conditions, over and under-frequency grid conditions can also be mitigated using Frequency/Watt functionality. In a manner similar to Volt/VAR, the Frequency/Watt function will automatically […]

Volt/VAR Smart Inverter Functionality

To support grid voltage stabilization during over and under-voltage conditions, UL1741 certified smart inverters, such as the OZpcs-RS40, can be configured to automatically absorb or inject reactive power based on grid voltage measurements. This behavior is commonly referred to as Volt/VAR control and is implemented using a configurable array of points, that when combined, define […]

What is a Power Inverter?

A power inverter is an electrical device that converts a direct current (DC) power source into an alternating current (AC)power source. In typical DC/AC power conversion applications, power inverters are used to convert DC power from sources such as batteries, solar panels, or high voltage DC transmission lines, into consumer AC that’s used to run […]

What is Smart Grid Technology?

Demand for electricity is expected to continue growing at historical rates for the foreseeable future. While utility companies strive to meet that demand by financing and constructing new power-generating plants, fueled by coal, atomic energy, wind, sunlight, and water, they’re also scrambling to create a “smart grid.” The essence of the smart grid technology is […]

Active Front-end or Grid-tie Inverter?

We have the habit here at Oztek of using the term “active front-end” (AFE) and grid-tie inverter (GTI) interchangeably.  On more than one occasion discussing our grid-tie inverter controller, I’ve caught myself somewhere mid-conversation inadvertently switching to using the term active front-end.  It’s of no concern internally, but quite frequently it’s cause for confusion when speaking […]