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Oztek Begins Rebranding as Trystar

We have officially launched our new re-branding effort as we continue our integration with Trystar.   We want to share some details about our re-branding strategy and our communication plan.

Trystar has spent many years building a strong brand through exceptional product design, amazing engineering, and long customer relationships.   And as you already know, so has Oztek!

We believe both brands are central to those years of effort and represent who we are to employees, customers, suppliers, and the broader community.   When Trystar acquires a brand (e.g., Oztek) to become part of the Trystar family, great respect is given to that brand and time is taken to deliberately integrate that brand into Trystar.   Trystar learns from the acquired business, and improves it as it becomes part of the company.

As Oztek begins re-branding as Trystar, we are beginning a “Signal & Socialize” phase.   Because of the history and longevity of Oztek, our “Signal & Socialize” phase will be rather gradual.   We expect our full re-branding effort to be complete within the next 12 – 15 months, after which time Oztek will then be known as Trystar.

The objectives of the “Signal & Socialize” phase include:

  • Visually introducing and communicating Oztek’s re-branding roadmap to our employees, customers, suppliers, social media followers, and the public at-large.
  • Executing a communication strategy that includes e-mail messaging, website updates, blog and social media posts, digital advertising mediums, business cards, quotation forms, purchase orders, sales collateral, digital letterhead, facility signage, and media/press releases.

The first step in our re-branding, is introducing our interim combined logo (below).   Through extensive customer insight studies and brand research, we’ve determined a physical appearance and repeatable process for Trystar to integrate all current brands (including Oztek) and any future brands.   (For those of you who may not know, the icon/mark in the Trystar logo was inspired by the look of wiring diagrams, which is a nod to the power industry.   The “T” was worked into the design.)

Oztek team members are beginning to include this interim logo in their e-mail signatures … you’ll soon see this interim logo on our website, and in our e-blasts and social media posts.   After that, you’ll begin to see this logo on our quote forms, sales collateral, and other documents as noted above.

Please note that we are NOT changing our products’ labelling at this time.

We have not yet had any such discussions; and for the foreseeable future, our products’ paint and labelling will continue as you are accustomed to seeing them.

Throughout the re-branding “Signal & Socialize” phase we will continue to communicate our progress.   While this type of change can feel disruptive and uncertain, we encourage you to view this re-branding effort as an exciting, positive step for us!   Our Trystar Marketing & Communications team is spearheading our re-branding effort.   Please let us know if you have any questions … if we don’t readily have an answer, we’ll reach out to the MarComm team to get an answer for you.

We see a vibrant future ahead, and we hope you share our excitement as we continue to build our future together!

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