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Oztek Corp Receives UL-1741SA Certification for RS40 Modular Energy Storage Power Conversion System



Oztek Corp’s 40kW Rack ScaleTM power conversion system (PCS), has received the authorization to mark to the UL-1741SA and CSA22.2 Standards. The “Supplement A” (also known as SA) part of the testing enables this PCS to perform smart inverter functions making it much more resilient in the face of dynamic grid conditions. In addition to achieving UL-1741SA, the RS40 has also passed all standards required for sale and interconnection in North America as well as other world wide markets. At 5x the density of leading central conversion systems, this inverter represents the highest available power density in the market today making it ideal for use in behind the meter and microgrid applications.

The transformerless, state of the art PCS utilizes 100% digital controls to provide the advanced “Smart Inverter” features required by the California Rule 21 tariff and UL-1741SA. These include anti-islanding, low/high voltage and frequency ride through, configurable ramp rate, and Volt/Var operating mode.

“We believe the achievement of the UL-1741SA mark (control #5014987) is a major step forward in addressing the energy storage market.” said Greg Tremelling, VP of Business Development of Oztek Corp. In addition to achieving the smart inverter connectivity defined by UL-1741SA, this product is also capable of “off grid/grid forming” operation with seamless transfer.”

This past September, after attending both the Battery Show in Novi, Mi as well as Solar Power International in Salt Lake City, it is clear that the need for a scalable, reliable product, in the energy storage marketplace is in high demand. The overwhelmingly positive response from customers at these shows is an indication that this product is not only needed but also represents the future of energy storage.

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