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Oztek Receives Inverter Order from Dayton Phoenix Group


Oztek Corp. a leader in developing and manufacturing technologically advanced inverter, DC/DC, and motor drive controls, today announced it has received a $500,000 order for a custom HVAC inverter from the Dayton Phoenix Group (DPG). The inverters will be deployed in the Locomotive HVAC products manufactured by DPG.

Oztek’s designed & manufactured HVAC controller is comprised of two, three phase V/Hz AC motor drives to control the blower and compressor motors, heater element drivers, and complete system control and protection functions.

Since 1997 Oztek has been providing innovative power control solutions for use in Vehicle and Traction Drive applications. Oztek continues to develop and build technologically advanced controls for demanding applications that also include Utility Grid Tie, DC/DC Converter, SCR Control, and Distributed Energy.

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